Summer Dreams - Machine Embroidery CD

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Summer Dreams is a compilation of some of our favorite blocks - but totally redone and modernized! You might recognize Amish Flower Power, the basic block is the same, however the quilting has been updated with amazing echo quilting and rows of circle quilting. We've also added digital cutting files for the applique on this block. Use the Artistic Edge Digital Cutter, the Silhouette Cameo, or the Brother Scan N Cut to accurately cut out your applique pieces.
You also might recognize our Beauty Found block. This block has been updated with bubble quilting fill, and new quilting in the pieced arch, to give it a more modern look. The applique in the corner also can be cut with the Digital Cutters, as well as the quilting pieces in the arch! Several of these blocks appear in the quilt and imagine how much faster you can sew them if your pieces are all precut!
The very center is our updated Starburst block, the String Block is the frame for the center medallion, with the floral appliques and several new border blocks to complete this quilt, all with beautiful modern circle quilting!
The largest block takes less then a 30 minutes to stitch, so this is a quick quilt to make up!
Digital Cutting Files are provided for 2 of the blocks in this quilt: "Amish Flower Power" and "Beauty Found".
Block sizes include: 5", 6", 7", 8" and 9" 
Approximate finish sizes will depend on which block size you use:
9 inch block 72x72
8 inch block 64x64
7 inch block 56x56
6 inch block 48x48
5 inch block 40x40
This quilt includes a total of 64 blocks. 

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