Have you ever heard of a Temperature Quilt?
It is a fun way to document a year through temperature and quilting!

The Basics:
You pick a range of colors for different temperatures.
Dark Blue would be 0-10º
Medium Blue would be 11º - 30º
Medium Orange would be 80º - 90º
Dark Orange 90º - 100º
See what we are doing here...

Once you have your range, you will make a tumbler with the coordinating color to that days temperature! You will start to see progress right away!
Are you hooked yet?!
This will be a great way to bust up your stash and sew along with us!
But wait..there is more!!
If you follow us on Instagram (click here) and post pictures using #blqstemp24
to show us progress each month, you can be entered in a drawing for a gift card!
We might have surprise prizes and fun stuff through the year too!
Sign up above and be sure to download a color range planner!
We will send out updates and check-in occassionaly and see how your quilts are coming along!
Don't want to do the temperatures where you live? How about your favorite city? What about where your bestie lives? Where you took your honeymoon? The options are endless and this is a fun way to look back over a years worth of time!