Stitch N' Sew

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StitchnSew Pattern Material Non-Woven Sew-In Interfacing can be used for all of your sewing projects including clothing, crafts, home décor and quilts. Yes, this is similar to muslin, but StitchnSew Pattern Material offers even greater value. Now, creating new patterns and resizing existing ones couldn’t be any easier. Tracing from flimsy tissue paper onto the pattern material makes for a more durable and reusable pattern. This interfacing can even be printed on!

With a non-woven interfacing you can rest assured there will be minimal shrinkage. Additionally, there is no grain line which means you can cut it in any direction.

Semi-translucent for easy tracing and resizing of patterns. Hold it in place with pins. Will not tear or crumple like paper patterns. Easy to cut...won’t fray! Create reusable patterns! Fold to store and simply re-iron flat. Printable with an inkjet printer! Great for quilt blocks, tote and garment patterns! Can also be used as a lightweight sew-in interfacing!

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