Needle Minder, PIN PAL - Patriotic Flag

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The Pin Pal Needle Minder is the perfect choice for any sewing project. Featuring the iconic symbols of 1776, Betsy Ross Flag*, Liberty, and Freedom, this design is a great way to celebrate America's independence on July 4th. Features the white featherweight and provides a patriotic touch to any project while keeping your hands free. 

*The Betsy Ross flag is a reconstructed early design for the flag of the United States, which is conformant to the Flag Act of 1777 and has red stripes outermost and stars arranged in a circle. These details elaborate on the 1777 act, passed early in the American Revolutionary War, which specified 13 alternating red and white horizontal stripes and 13 white stars in a blue canton. Its name stems from the story, once widely believed, that shortly after the 1777 act, upholsterer and flag maker Betsy Ross produced a flag of this design.

Pin Pal needle minder has two strong magnets to attach to the faceplate of your Featherweight or on top of your machine. 

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