Navigator Quilt Kit

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Navigator is the newest member of our Heirloom Quilt Series and our 2023 Shop Exclusive design. ⚓️
Big and bold arrows adorn the center and they are softened by the eight curved 'New York Beauty' sections stitched between the points. Elegant feather quilting and outline quilting embrace the quilt with a few flowers peeking out. The circular quilt center flows into the border that is full of beautiful appliqued flowers and features a checkerboard style quilting.
This design comes in six block sizes, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 inch. The bigger the block, the bigger the finished size quilt.
Approximate finished sizes are:
5 Inch: 58" x 58"
6 Inch: 69" x 69"
7 Inch: 82" x 82"
8 Inch: 93" x 93"
9 Inch: 105" x 105"

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