Lyla Jean Quilt Pattern

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Every quilter has someone who has inspired them one way or another and originally planted the seed that turned them into a quilter. For me that was my grandmother, Lyla. Not to be confused with my mother, also named Lyla, she was known in the family as Lyla Jean. She quilted for as long as I can remember and as I grew I would see her work on various projects. Her talent grew and she created some of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen, even still today.

I'll admit that I didn't quite understand what she was telling me when she spoke of different techniques or trying to explain how she made this block or that, but it did sink in. As my own skills grew and I picked up a new technique, I found myself thinking "Ah! That's what she was telling me!" This quilt was created in her honor. I've used her favorite colors to create the initial design and I like to think she'd be pleased with the result.

The Lyla Jean Baby and Throw size quilts consist of two blocks, each finishing at 14" x 14", that are placed in rows and staggered to create the overall pattern. The Mini size consists of one modified block that finishes at 22" x 22" before the borders are placed. I’d love to see your work! Use the tag #LylaJeanQuilt on social media.

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