Bursting Boxes (Three sizes)

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BURSTING BOXES These amazing three layer boxes make a delightful gift!

  •  Seven themes
  •  Plain box top, so you can customize or use a built in design from your machine or from your personal embroidery library.
  •  Bonus Prayer Box files also included
  •  MP4 file included in Digital Download is a video, which will be posted on the website.  USB will have this as well.
  •  Includes Slideshow with Step by Step Photos
  •  Make 1 layer box, 2 layer box or 3 layer box, holding 12, 8 or 4 sections
  •  Large box is approx. 3” cube
  •  Med box is approx. 2 5/8” cube
  •  Small box is approx. 2 1/2” cube
  •  Make box top size to match your biggest size box
  •  Fill pockets with photos, money, gift cards, keepsakes, etc
  •  The embroideries on the box tops are also in a folder by themselves for use in stitching on other items
  •  Requires light weight tearaway stabilizer and our HoopShape Foam Stabilizer product

Minimum Hoop Size Requirements:

  • Small Box 7.25"
  • Medium Box 8"
  • Large Box 9"

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